The Fine Print
By accepting this Delivery Agreement you hereby release Treasure Coast Seltzer Works, TCSW, Inc., and any of its employees and owners from any form of liability or damage that can occur from our product. This also means anyone that might use our product while at your place of residence or business is under your liability not ours!  This is not limited to breakage, explosion, freezing, acts of God, and any other form of malfunction that can occur while utilizing our product. If you drop one of our bottles, duck fast, and cover your face.  These bottles are under high pressure and can explode.  They are filled under pressure to produce the finest seltzer in the world.  If you loan a bottle to a friend/family, it is your responsibility to return it to us. DO NOT FREEZE THESE BOTTLES.  They will crack and explode… Again, duck fast!  All bottles must be stored in a climate controlled environment below 80 degrees. Failure to do so will cause the bottles to warp and explode. You will be held liable if this happens and have to pay the replacement cost for damage to our bottles. DO NOT STORE IN A HOT GARAGE.

If you break, warp, crack, or lose a bottle, you will be charged a $20.00 breakage fee per damaged bottle.  If you forget to leave the case out on delivery day you will be charged an additional $5.00. This charge covers the driver and his time and cost. If you forget to call your gate house and delivery is denied by security, you will be charged an additional $5.00.  If you keep your bottles more than 60 consecutive days, without notifying us, you will incur a $10.00 monthly charge plus any fees to recover the bottles and case.

Automatic Billing
As a convenience to our customers, we offer automatic billing to a major credit card or debit card of your choice. By accepting this billing option, you authorize, TCSW, INC., to automatically bill your card on the day of delivery for the amount ordered or for any late charges.



All sales are final.  Any defective bottles will be credited to customer on next delivery after inspection and testing by us.