Seltzer bottles must be stored at below 80 degrees and not in hot garages.

All seltzer bottles whether full or empty must be kept at room temperature and not exposed directly to full sun. They will warp if left in direct sunlight or hot cars for extended time periods. Warped bottles are considered damaged bottles and you will be charged for each accordingly.


Q. How do you get the Seltzer?

 A. Just call,text, or reply to the automated call service that rings the day prior. To order seltzer on the automated call just hit *1.  If you call us, please leave your name and address and we will get you on the next delivery day. We will not call you unless there is a problem. You must call before 3:00 p.m. before your delivery day.


Q. How Long Can You Keep A Case of Seltzer?

 A.You are entitled to order as much or as little Seltzer as needed as long as your bottles are returned within 60 days. If you keep a case longer than 90 days you will be charged $10.00 per month, plus any costs to recover the bottles. Lost case and bottles or non returned are subject to a charge of $125.00 per case, plus costs to recover.


Q. Seltzer bottle won’t squirt?

 A.First relax. Try shaking the bottle. If that does not restore the flow LABEL the bottlewith a rubber band or post it note and we will replace on your next delivery. 


Q. Flat Seltzer?

 A. If you do not refrigerate your seltzer before drinking, it will be flat. The colder it is, the greater the effervescence. WARNING DO NOT FREEZE !!!!! There are NO REFUNDS on our products, only company credit.


Q. Leaving Empty Cases Out for Pick Up

 A. If you forget to leave your case out on delivery day: The incidence of people forgetting to leave cases out is escalating. This results in a bottle shortage which makes it difficult to provide ultimate customer satisfaction and is not fair to the drivers. They get paid on deliveries. For this reason, we must charge a $5.00 penalty fee which compensates the driver. The driver will not leave a case if there is no case to exchange. If you live in a gated community and forget to call to let us in there is a $5.00 charge.  You only have to leave out the case and any used bottles. Keep your unused bottles refrigerated for your use.


Q. Do I return full bottles in my case?

 A. No. Only put the case itself and any used bottles (MINIMUM of 4 bottles) out for pickup. Be sure to keep your full bottles refrigerated for your future enjoyment.


*Be kind. Think of the drivers.

One case of seltzer weighs 18 pounds. On an average day, the seltzer man delivers between 40 – 60 cases. Be kind and leave the case right by the front door, please.